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Avant is a conscious business committed to providing practical and inspiring educational programs as well as a fulfilling income opportunity. Together, our learning programs and financial systems empower people to raise personal awareness and take control of their lives while creating a more sustainable and peaceful world. Our products include:

Elevate Program

This enlightening 72-day home-based program is designed to help spark self awareness so you can develop a more meaningful life. You will regain an inner feeling of comfort through establishing daily structures and a life plan. Each day you use your Elevate course, you’ll begin to see the world differently. You’ll begin to understand how success really works… and you’ll begin to realize just how powerful and capable you really are… and how you really can create the life you’ve been wanting.

Transform Live Event

This exciting 3-day event brings participants together to create a powerful bond as a community. You will discover that you are truly on the right path. Dynamic new material is introduced to help transform your new daily process of living into a reality. Building confidence in yourself and others in a beautiful environment creates a positive atmosphere of lasting empowerment.

Transcend Live Event

This powerful 4-day event is designed to utilize your foundational work from Elevate and Transform to culminate in incredible peak life experiences you will always treasure. Armed with a crystal clear understanding of your life challenges and how to transform them, your empowerment is complete and magnificent. You will be inspired to create positive change throughout the world and you will always have the vibrant support system you need to continue on your journey.

We are Avant.

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