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The Avant Marketing System

October 5, 2010

We are pleased to present the Avant Marketing System!

Avant Marketing System

The Avant Marketing System is a fantastic tool that you can add to your arsenal! It simplifies the management of your business and provides you with:

  • 8 proven and customizable lead capture web pages
  • an intuitive and easy-to-use lead tracking system
  • an email autoresponder campaign system

As comprehensive as this system is, Avant founder Brent Payne was adamant that it be designed with ease of use in mind – you can hit the ground running! And for those of you that would like training on the system, we’re offering a live webinar later this week and will launch a series of training videos to ensure that you know the ins and outs of the system!

Lead Capture Pages

We took the concepts laid forth by Avant Founding Master Distributors Kaz Spence & David Varrone and Top Income Earners Tony Rush and Gene Braxton – and applied them to your Lead Capture Pages! In fact, some are designs that they have successfully used to grow their business!

And did we mention that you have 8 Lead Capture Pages automatically created for you when you sign up?

You will have the ability to:

  • add photos
  • add video
  • add audio
  • add personalized text
  • use the default domain name, or use your own domain name

The Lead Capture Pages are proven to engage the viewer and lead them to completing the contact form. All you have to do is take a few minutes to personalize each page, and each page will go to work for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s 8 marketing microsites that you can use to leverage the power of the internet!

And anyone filling out the capture form in any one of your 8 Lead Capture Pages will automatically be placed in your lead tracking system and delivered to you in real time!

Lead Tracking System

The Avant Marketing System includes a comprehensive but easy-to-use Lead Tracking System. You’ll have the ability to add leads that you’ve gathered offline, import leads from other systems – and any leads you purchase from the Avant Lead Store will automatically populate into the Lead Tracking System!

You can add notes to any of your leads, making it easy for you to reference pertinent information when you contact or follow up with them. You can use the Lead Calendar to track appointments, and you even have the ability to transfer leads to other members of your team!

The Avant Marketing System also allows you to create a lead capture form that you can place on any website that you own and manage yourself!

Best of all, you can assign your leads to an Email Autoresponder Campaign!

Email Autoresponders

The Email Autoresponders were written by the Avant Founding Master Distributors and Top Income Earners. They use specific language designed to generate interest in the Avant opportunity.

The email autoresponders are delivered on a schedule – all you do is assign your leads to a campaign, and it will start working in the background for you!

If you’re the type that prefers to roll your own email autoresponders – you have the ability to do that! You can create your own Email Autoresponder Campaigns, create the email autoresponders and personalize them with your lead’s personal information, set a delivery schedule for each email, and even share your campaign with other Avant Associates!

How do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy – simply login to your Virtual Office, go to the Account tab and click the My Marketing Subscription link in the dropdown menu that appears. You’ll select a credit card to bill for $29.95 a month, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click the Sign Up button. It’s that simple.

Your Avant Marketing System will be immediately available, with the 8 Lead Capture Pages, the Lead Tracking System and the Email Autoresponder Campaigns. And just like that – you’ve added a new marketing tool to your arsenal and simplified the way you do business!

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  1. December 27, 2010 4:09 am

    how we generate a auto responder mail in wordpress


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