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Avant has Launched!

May 15, 2010

Brent Payne has launched Avant, a exciting new personal development company with practical and inspiring educational programs as well as a powerful income opportunity.

Avant marks Brent’s return to the public eye after nearly a year off, where he pursued his passion for music while preparing for this new venture. There have been significant market shifts during this time, and he is excited to be back – and to give back.

“I learned a lot this past year,” Brent said. “Now, I’m looking to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. Who wants to have a better life.”

The company offers life improvement products designed to enhance the user’s natural talents, as well as stimulate personal growth and development both in the member and those around them. Products will be available online and will include:

Elevate – Backed by the latest discoveries made by scientists and doctors, Elevate utilizes proven methods that are easy to follow, but endlessly enlightening. Elevate includes an inspiring DVD of the program, plus a journal and workbook where you can track your progress. Coaching calls, social networking and an online component allow you to get direct guidance and support on your personal journey.

Also included are 3 CD’s so you can continue to listen, learn and be inspired wherever you go. It’s been proven that whatever you focus on will manifest in your life. By listening to the CD’s regularly, you can begin to see the results you want right before your eyes.

There is also a 72 day money back guarantee for Elevate.

Transform Live Event – This exciting 3-day event brings participants together to create a powerful bond as a community. You will discover that you are truly on the right path. Dynamic new material is introduced to help transform your new daily process of living into a reality. Building confidence in yourself and others in a beautiful environment creates a positive atmosphere of lasting empowerment.

This program includes access for two participants into the event and a hotel room for two at a beautiful location resort. Our opening dinner boasts incredible local cuisine, great entertainment, an opportunity to meet other community members and a very special guest appearance.

Exciting presentations, hands-on activities and charismatic speakers will inspire you through this transformative 3-day adventure. Our time together culminates in a black tie dinner and dancing event to celebrate what we have learned and experienced together.

Transcend Live Event – This powerful 4-day event is designed to utilize your foundational work from Elevate and Transform to culminate in incredible peak life experiences you will always treasure. Armed with a crystal clear understanding of your life challenges and how to transform them, your empowerment is complete and magnificent. You will be inspired to create positive change throughout the world and you will always have the vibrant support system you need to continue on your journey.

The Transcend Live Event ticket includes access for two into the event and a hotel room for two at an exquisite location resort. Our energizing opening reception brings community members together for incredible food, great entertainment and an exciting guest host.

This incredible live event combines inspiring presentations with ground-breaking participation in scientific studies, physical challenges and break-out study groups that will prove you have really reached the top of the mountain. A celebratory black tie dinner and dancing event solidifies new life-long friendships and your newfound power to create positive change in your life and across the globe.

About Avant:
Avant is a conscious business committed to providing practical and inspiring educational programs as well as a fulfilling income opportunity. Together, our learning programs and financial systems empower people to raise personal awareness and take control of their lives while creating a more sustainable and peaceful world.

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