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The Subconscious Mind

April 21, 2010

The subconscious mind is that part of your mind that you don’t “see,” the part of your mind that provides the support and foundation for your conscious mind.
subconscious mind

If you think of your mind as an iceberg, the subconscious mind is the huge mass floating underneath the surface. Its that huge underwater mass that gives an iceberg it’s power. Think about it, if a ship bumps into a block of ice floating on the ocean, that piece of ice would just bounce off the ship and start floating away.

But with an iceberg having several times its overall mass underwater, any ship that hits it will sustain serious damage. Think Titanic.

That’s power. And your brain has that power, in the form of the subconscious mind.

According to a NY Times article:

…new studies reveal a subconscious brain that is far more active, purposeful and independent than previously known. Goals, whether to eat, mate or devour an iced latte, are like neural software programs that can only be run one at a time, and the unconscious is perfectly capable of running the program it chooses.

How do you program your subconscious brain? Are there usable techniques to enhance your subconscious? The answer is yes.

Journal writing is a very effective way to reinforce neural pathways. You could also try stream of consciousness writing.

Learn to meditate. There are many different ways to meditate, but all deal with focusing the mind, quieting it and harnessing its power.

Visualization. This is one of the most significant keys to success. Actively picturing yourself achieving a goal will help you actually achieve it.

Affirmations. Affirmations are simply positive self talk. If you say to yourself ‘I can’t do this, I will fail,’ then you will fail. However, if you say ‘I can do this, I know I can’, you’re more likely to succeed.

The conscious mind is a remarkable thing, but the subconscious mind provides a whole other level of awareness that, when tapped, can greatly expand your abilities.


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