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Setting Goals

April 16, 2010

Let’s use weight loss as an example. Are you just trying to lose weight? Or are you trying to lose a specific number of pounds? Can you visualize how you would look if you lost ten pounds? Or would it be easier to visualize yourself in a certain pair of jeans?

Setting Goals

What if you combined your weight loss techniques with prayer or meditation? You could pray for the strength and fortitude to stay with your program. You could meditate and visualize yourself wearing your new jeans. You could visualize what your life would be like if you were weighed a little less. What would you do? How would your friends and loved ones react to a thinner, lighter you? How would your quality of life improve? Would you be more confident, more outgoing? Why? How would your health improve? What would that do for you?

Asking yourself “yes or no” questions isn’t as effective as asking yourself open ended questions. Open ended questions lead to more thought, which engages your brain even more. In this way you start building neural pathways.


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