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We Are Avant – Brent Payne Hosts Inaugural ACT Event

December 9, 2010

The Avant Marketing System

October 5, 2010

We are pleased to present the Avant Marketing System!

Avant Marketing System

The Avant Marketing System is a fantastic tool that you can add to your arsenal! It simplifies the management of your business and provides you with:

  • 8 proven and customizable lead capture web pages
  • an intuitive and easy-to-use lead tracking system
  • an email autoresponder campaign system

As comprehensive as this system is, Avant founder Brent Payne was adamant that it be designed with ease of use in mind – you can hit the ground running! And for those of you that would like training on the system, we’re offering a live webinar later this week and will launch a series of training videos to ensure that you know the ins and outs of the system!

Lead Capture Pages

We took the concepts laid forth by Avant Founding Master Distributors Kaz Spence & David Varrone and Top Income Earners Tony Rush and Gene Braxton – and applied them to your Lead Capture Pages! In fact, some are designs that they have successfully used to grow their business!

And did we mention that you have 8 Lead Capture Pages automatically created for you when you sign up?

You will have the ability to:

  • add photos
  • add video
  • add audio
  • add personalized text
  • use the default domain name, or use your own domain name

The Lead Capture Pages are proven to engage the viewer and lead them to completing the contact form. All you have to do is take a few minutes to personalize each page, and each page will go to work for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s 8 marketing microsites that you can use to leverage the power of the internet!

And anyone filling out the capture form in any one of your 8 Lead Capture Pages will automatically be placed in your lead tracking system and delivered to you in real time!

Lead Tracking System

The Avant Marketing System includes a comprehensive but easy-to-use Lead Tracking System. You’ll have the ability to add leads that you’ve gathered offline, import leads from other systems – and any leads you purchase from the Avant Lead Store will automatically populate into the Lead Tracking System!

You can add notes to any of your leads, making it easy for you to reference pertinent information when you contact or follow up with them. You can use the Lead Calendar to track appointments, and you even have the ability to transfer leads to other members of your team!

The Avant Marketing System also allows you to create a lead capture form that you can place on any website that you own and manage yourself!

Best of all, you can assign your leads to an Email Autoresponder Campaign!

Email Autoresponders

The Email Autoresponders were written by the Avant Founding Master Distributors and Top Income Earners. They use specific language designed to generate interest in the Avant opportunity.

The email autoresponders are delivered on a schedule – all you do is assign your leads to a campaign, and it will start working in the background for you!

If you’re the type that prefers to roll your own email autoresponders – you have the ability to do that! You can create your own Email Autoresponder Campaigns, create the email autoresponders and personalize them with your lead’s personal information, set a delivery schedule for each email, and even share your campaign with other Avant Associates!

How do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy – simply login to your Virtual Office, go to the Account tab and click the My Marketing Subscription link in the dropdown menu that appears. You’ll select a credit card to bill for $29.95 a month, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click the Sign Up button. It’s that simple.

Your Avant Marketing System will be immediately available, with the 8 Lead Capture Pages, the Lead Tracking System and the Email Autoresponder Campaigns. And just like that – you’ve added a new marketing tool to your arsenal and simplified the way you do business!

The Avant ACT Event

September 28, 2010

It’s been announced – Saturday, November 13th 2010 – Avant will host it’s inaugural Accelerated Comprehensive Training (ACT) Event at the prestigious Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale Arizona!

Folks, the Avant ACT Event is the most relevant training and instruction that you can receive for your business. You’ll engage in active, cooperative learning – which studies show to be the most effective way of gaining knowledge and retaining skills.

The training exercises are designed to build upon your talents and abilities, and you’re confidence levels will soar as you learn proven methods to enhance your business. You’ll learn and apply the techniques used by the top income earners to generate life-changing incomes, and experience the mindset that has propelled Avant founder Brent Payne to peak prosperity levels. It’s not just knowledge – it’s energy!

Westin Kierland Resort and Spa

Afterwards you can break off with your team and mastermind at one of the many hidden spots throughout the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. Get comfortable around the warmth and scent of piñon at one of the many fire pits scattered around the resort area, or grab a table at an award winning restaurant, saloon or lounge while you discuss how to best implement the techniques you learned at the day’s training. Brainstorm, bounce ideas off each other – and more importantly build memories and reinforce the bonds of friendship as you come together for this incredible event.

Click here to register!

We’ll see you there!

To Be or not to Be (a social media butterfly)

September 17, 2010
We are Avant Facebook

Like it or not, social networking isn’t going anywhere soon. Facebook has over 500,000,000 active users. Twitter had it’s 10 billionth tweet last March. Prior to 2006, a tweet was a noise that a bird made. Now a tweet is when you define a moment, a mood, an expression in 140 characters or less (and you thought you were more complex than that). In fact, I’ll use both Facebook and Twitter to announce this post, and I’ll add it to Digg and Delicious.


Social networking is one of those areas where you can define yourself, or let yourself be defined. As an individual, I may not care one way or the other – no big deal. As a company or brand, it becomes more important. It’s about ensuring that accurate company and product information is disseminated. It’s about a sense of responsibility towards our Associates and their customers. And I won’t lie, it can also be fun.

It’s also another tool that allows us to stay connected with our Associates. We also connect with them face-to-face, through email and over the telephone. We don’t use telegraph, carrier pigeons or sonar. Please don’t judge us.

The key here is that we use social media to augment our offline activities. We don’t let it consume us. Online interaction tends to be a series of updates and comments; offline is where life happens. And Avant founder Brent Payne’s motto is “go out and live!”

So connect with us a bit. Like us, Follow us, Watch us, See us, Digg us, Bookmark us and… go out and live!

Our First Event – Give to the Gulf

September 7, 2010

Our first event was a HUGE success.

We did away with the luxuries, rolled up our sleeves – and went to work!

Brent Payne - surgery? So what?

Elbow surgery the week prior didn't stop Avant founder Brent Payne from building the pantry.

Several Avant associates joined Avant founder Brent Payne on a trip to New Orleans, where they helped rebuild an area still devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

The Gulf Region has been hard hit over the last several years, with Hurricane Katrina dropping the area it to it’s knees and the BP oil spill attempting the coup de grace. It’s been 5 years since Katrina, and parts of New Orleans are still struggling.

Enter Avant. What we did was work with an organization called Family to Family, which is a not-for-profit hunger relief program aimed at helping profoundly poor American families. We traveled to New Orleans, built garden boxes and planted gardens (while educating local residents and children on maintaining those gardens), built chicken coops and a food pantry. We provided egg laying hens, and will keep the food pantry stocked on an ongoing basis.

Did we save the world?

Did we help?
A little. And we can’t wait to do it again.

We are Avant – Growing Strong

September 2, 2010

Avant launched almost 4 months ago, and it’s been fantastic ride! Our Associate base is growing at a phenomenal rate – with associates spread throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. That’s every continent other than Antarctica.

Have you heard of Moore’s law? It basically dictates that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has doubled approximately every 18 months. The trend has continued for more than half a century and is not expected to stop until 2015 or later. It’s the reason that you’re iPhone is more powerful than the computer you owned 5 years ago.

That’s exponential growth, because while the number of transistors doubles every 18 months, the actual processing power output increases several times that amount. That’s the type of growth that Avant is experiencing.

Of course we’re not doubling every 18 months – we’re growing much more quickly than that. The number of Associates that enroll each day has now exceeded the number of new Associates that enrolled each week of July. That’s exponential growth.

Avant is attracting some extraordinary people, to both the Avant home business opportunity and the Elevate Program.

elevate program image

Elevate Program

Folks, if you haven’t ordered the Elevate program yet, now is the time. Production is near completion, and every order is fulfilled with a special limited edition pre-release program with a letter signed by Avant founder Brent Payne. There is also a 72 day money back guarantee – that’s how sure we are that this program will change your life.

Don’t hesitate, don’t wait; go out and live life now!

Avant has Launched!

May 15, 2010

Brent Payne has launched Avant, a exciting new personal development company with practical and inspiring educational programs as well as a powerful income opportunity.

Avant marks Brent’s return to the public eye after nearly a year off, where he pursued his passion for music while preparing for this new venture. There have been significant market shifts during this time, and he is excited to be back – and to give back.

“I learned a lot this past year,” Brent said. “Now, I’m looking to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. Who wants to have a better life.”

The company offers life improvement products designed to enhance the user’s natural talents, as well as stimulate personal growth and development both in the member and those around them. Products will be available online and will include:

Elevate – Backed by the latest discoveries made by scientists and doctors, Elevate utilizes proven methods that are easy to follow, but endlessly enlightening. Elevate includes an inspiring DVD of the program, plus a journal and workbook where you can track your progress. Coaching calls, social networking and an online component allow you to get direct guidance and support on your personal journey.

Also included are 3 CD’s so you can continue to listen, learn and be inspired wherever you go. It’s been proven that whatever you focus on will manifest in your life. By listening to the CD’s regularly, you can begin to see the results you want right before your eyes.

There is also a 72 day money back guarantee for Elevate.

Transform Live Event – This exciting 3-day event brings participants together to create a powerful bond as a community. You will discover that you are truly on the right path. Dynamic new material is introduced to help transform your new daily process of living into a reality. Building confidence in yourself and others in a beautiful environment creates a positive atmosphere of lasting empowerment.

This program includes access for two participants into the event and a hotel room for two at a beautiful location resort. Our opening dinner boasts incredible local cuisine, great entertainment, an opportunity to meet other community members and a very special guest appearance.

Exciting presentations, hands-on activities and charismatic speakers will inspire you through this transformative 3-day adventure. Our time together culminates in a black tie dinner and dancing event to celebrate what we have learned and experienced together.

Transcend Live Event – This powerful 4-day event is designed to utilize your foundational work from Elevate and Transform to culminate in incredible peak life experiences you will always treasure. Armed with a crystal clear understanding of your life challenges and how to transform them, your empowerment is complete and magnificent. You will be inspired to create positive change throughout the world and you will always have the vibrant support system you need to continue on your journey.

The Transcend Live Event ticket includes access for two into the event and a hotel room for two at an exquisite location resort. Our energizing opening reception brings community members together for incredible food, great entertainment and an exciting guest host.

This incredible live event combines inspiring presentations with ground-breaking participation in scientific studies, physical challenges and break-out study groups that will prove you have really reached the top of the mountain. A celebratory black tie dinner and dancing event solidifies new life-long friendships and your newfound power to create positive change in your life and across the globe.

About Avant:
Avant is a conscious business committed to providing practical and inspiring educational programs as well as a fulfilling income opportunity. Together, our learning programs and financial systems empower people to raise personal awareness and take control of their lives while creating a more sustainable and peaceful world.